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The Henny Free Weight Attachment System

Our patent pending the Henny system can be attached to most power racks to allow you to perform many different athletic type strength movements just using the standard equipment already found at most gyms-just need a power rack, barbell, and the Henny can do the work of multiple machines.   The kit includes: either 2 steel 1" or 5/8" diameter power rack pins based on your rack specifications, 5' adjustable free swing Henny loop hinges, 2 4' connectors,  Made in the USA to last and to allow you to load the weight. It can be carried in your gym bag and allow you to train effectively Hennywhere, Hennytime!

Athletic  strength is raw and natural and not manufactured.  Modern strength training with machines has gotten too artificial with overly isolated and fixed movements versus Raw and Free.  As a result, many movements done on machines do not work the stabilizers and the core.  The Henny allows lifters to do movements in that sweet spot between pure free weights and completely fixed machines.  Also, allows you to train in the Horizontal Force plane where sports are played.  

To order, please visit the Henny website.  The system requires a power rack that secured adequately to the floor with weights or is bolted and has either 1" or 5/8" diameter holes.  Can be used with any type of barbell and most specialty bars.  Visit: 

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