Comes with the chest row system, Jcups, hip thrust pin and deadlift bar. And the base Squatmax model that includes the adjustable box squat seat, hip belt, 2 carabiners, transformer pin, and a narrow stance overlay that works with small diameter Olympic plates (14” in diameter or less). Specs: The main platform is 45x30” and 20” in height and it weighs about 130 lbs. The legs are angled so total footprint is 45x39”. The entire unit (with seat, overlay, and all add ons is ~260 lbs. Units come in Matte Black only. Shipping Time is currently about 2 to 3 weeks from time of order. You will receive an email with shipping/assembly details a few days prior to your order shipping. Starter bands are included.

Squatmax Base model + chest row/jcups and hip thrust pin

$2,175.00 Regular Price
$2,075.00Sale Price
  • All sales are final once the unit ships.  No returns.  See website for full warranty info.  There is a lifetime warranty on all structural welds and the frame.  1 year on the guiderod and 6 months on all sew items (belt, padding).