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The Only Belt Squat Proven by Science to Work The Entire Leg and Glute Musculature Like an Actual Barbell Squat

Tanoai Reed (Hollywood Stuntman for the Rock-Dwayne Johnson) calls it the best leg machine I ever used!

The Vanilla Gorilla, one of the top Powerlifters in History, considers it the best belt squat option for strength and low back protection "because the weight is free and perfectly centered"

Eddy Coan, the GOAT of Powerlifting shares what makes the patented Squatmax design the best on the market! 

Former Professional Wrestler Stevie Richards calls Squatmax a Godsend!

USA Olympic Beach Volleyball Players shown training on Squatmax-MD including 2020 Gold Medalist April Ross.

Clink on Link below to read The Garage Gym Lab Review on Squatmax


The Best in Class and the Only Belt Squat on the Market Shown in Peer Reviewed Research to Work the entire Leg Musculature and Glutes.   

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