The Squatmax Stand Alone Belt Squat System includes: 1) A built-in seat for box squats that is fully adjustable from 12-20”. 2) A 7” narrow stance “flip up” riser allows the lifter to work above the main platform and to be able to use a more narrow stance while using up to at least 4 large diameter steel plates below platform.. And the lifter can add an additional 25 or 35 lb small diameter plates (14” or less). The narrow riser allows for a 15” squat width. 3) A narrow stance overlay that can be used directly on the main platform or with the riser. Great for belt squat marches, numerous single leg split/stance movements. Allows for a 6” squat width. 4) An adjustable and padded hip belt with carabiners. 5) Built in band pegs to allow direct band resistance. The dimensions of the main platform are 45 x 30” and 20” in height and it weighs about 130 lbs. The legs are angled so total footprint is 45x39”. The entire unit (with seat, riser, and all add ons is ~240 lbs. It can be assembled in about 10 mins. Loading pin holds between 500 to 600 lbs+ of plate weight depending on your set up. Plus you can easily add another 500 lbs of band resistance. $149 Flat shipping rate available anywhere in the Continental US. Units come in Matte Black only.  Will ship in about 3 weeks from time of your order. Multiple unit discounts are possible. You will recieve an email with shipping/assembly details 1 week prior to your order shipping. Bands are optional and must be purchased separately. No returns.

Squatmax Belt Squat System (with Built-in Seat)

$1,500.00 Regular Price
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